About Luxe Travelers, International

Providing Extraordinary Travel Experiences

There will always be a Luxe Traveler.

The traveler who defines luxury as seeing the world in authentic ways and welcomes being immersed into a culture. Upon planning, embarking and experiencing a journey, this traveler feels forever changed.

My job is to make this happen in an effortless way, maximizing travel-confidence to step out in the world. Collaborating with travelers to achieve their bliss is what I love. Regardless of budget, there are always ways to step out.

After traveling the world for 20+ years, clients tap my background for the experiences they crave.

From exciting 'city-stays' to river-cruising to sailing into global ports, we connect you to the best for your travel-spend. Shall we create your version of being blown-away?

I listen, really listen to your thoughts, before 'together' we transform them into a journey to blow your socks off. I can magically VIP your travels, delivering upgrades and welcome amenities. How is this possible when you can't do it yourself? It's our affiliation with the global hotelier community, luxury cruise line / yacht sailing execs and on-site tour companies. We meet through the year to discuss all the possible experiences available to you.

From there, I negotiate on your behalf to layer on many complementary components of travel.

Ready to walk about Paris, with my treasure map of jewel-box streets? Can I locate a private honeymoon island for you and pair it with a bit of adventure? Would you like to open your stateroom drapes at sunrise to an astounding Amalfi Coast, then step foot into Sorrento? Perhaps let's book a table on Marina Grande gazing back at the village where Sophia Loren played as a child? It's time to be blown away!

The Trip of a Lifetime Awaits You.
Are You Ready?