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Personalized Travel Planning and Concierge Services

At Luxe Travelers, we work with you to deliver elevated and amazing travel, at competitive prices. Our boutique travel agency specializes in personalized planning and concierge services, catering to upscale couples, multigenerational families and group travel.

On-the-Ground Support for Unexpected Travel Issues

When it comes to travel, it's not if something can go sideways, it's when. We are your eyes and ears on the ground, when you're at 30,000 feet in the air. When your airline keeps changing and delaying flights, we make the necessary changes your itinerary, notifying the hotels and transportation. We update it all in your travel app, realtime. The goal is to keep our travelers vacationing, while we find solutions to today's travel.

VIP Treatment with Virtuoso Membership

We are proud members of Virtuoso, which means you will travel as VIPs when booking the Virtuoso five-star properties, river and ocean cruise lines, as well as tours and excursions. Enjoy a welcome perk such as complimentary breakfast in a wonderfully appointed resort dining room, or perhaps a credit toward your oceanside massage. Our hotel room and suite upgrades given upon availability at arrival, bring clients back to us again and again. Amenities vary across different suppliers and properties. We also book four-star properties and/or can create a mix to meet your budget.

Customized Itinerary Creation and Budget Management

Working with referral clients, we meet live or spend time by phone / Zoom. All parties can bring anunderstanding of their preferences to the table. We are here to listen and learn: What does a memorable time away look, sound, smell and taste like to you? When you return from this trip, what do you want to be able to say you experienced? What makes it a wow trip for you?
Global travel knowledge and the ability to fine-tune the details helps me to make suggestions on that call, to banter ideas and narrow down the field of possibilities. Budget plays a role and we guide you on what is possible to achieve in time, distance, language barriers and predictable budget. We creatively monitor air fare daily and look at alternative routing to assist with the budget.
Upon receipt of your documents and credit card, authorizing us to book on your behalf, we go to work on the itinerary. We can layer on tours and special requests. A full itinerary comes together to review and accept. Often just a small deposit is needed to secure your space.

How it Works

● Reach out to me by email or phone so we can hear about your perfect trip.● After this initial discussion of your unique time-away, you’ll authorize our agency to book travel on your behalf and we send out a form to collect your details for booking. and your credit card information, to a secure vault. Often our travel partners require a credit card on file to hold space. You authorize monetary.charges. ● Together and perhaps with your +1, we brainstorm a plan by focusing on what’s important to you. I do that by learning about your travel priorities, budget, and schedule. Your adventure is coming to life and we decide to move forward. At this point we can narrow down your total trip cost and charge the 5% trip development fee.● I go to work on a detailed itinerary catering to your specific travel desires.● I take care of your planning from door to door. I work with our partners in different countries to create the best experience. We insure your travel plans for the unforeseen events; we are your eyes and ears on the ground while you’re at 30,000 ft or on the other side of the world.● We put it all together for a FINAL itinerary for you to take on your trip, which you can access on your computer and mobile device. ● We say bon voyage! Our online itinerary is available 24/7. I will be here through the entire process making sure that all of your travel needs are exceeded. Every. Single. Detail. ● You experience the best trip of your life! ● Be flexible! Enjoy the hiccups (they will be there). Take in the destination where you are going. Talk to the locals, embrace their culture, and be part of what makes them unique.

How is This Done?

Personally, we travel to meet with the network of global hoteliers and destination management companies. Visiting their hotels, sailing on their cruise lines, and testing the waters to know the current details of what we are recommending. Our open door to these general managers can make an expected stay turn into an extraordinary stay. When you arrive at their resorts, the management staff delivers the VIP experience. If for some reason your stay with them isn't just right, they are available to assist. You will be advised of the perks attainable at the locations in which you show interest. In the background, we have the resources of Travel Experts, Inc in Raleigh, NC and Virtuoso Global to deliver the best of the best components of travel.

Viewing the Trip Plans

● Reach out to me by email or phone so we can hear about your perfect trip.Your travel plans are unique and built with several components of luxury travel. My job as a global travelplanner is to work with the best suppliers, schedules, and perks to deliver great travel. ● The initial draft or backbone of your trip is developed in the AXUS travel itinerary app for you to view and serve as a basis for discussion. Once approved, the final trip layers are added in, to meet your plans and budget. Once you depart, you’ll use AXUS on your mobile devices to stay current.

The Joy of Traveling

For many travelers, having flights, transfers, check-in time, etc. perfectly aligned can make the trip, allowing them to 'just enjoy’. This includes travel protection insurance, covering your healthcare needs when outside the US. When working with clients on an itinerary, we book all components, vs the client booking pieces. In the end, we both want the right hand to know what the left hand is doing. We can handle anything from sending your luggage ahead, to travel protection to non-published airfare for international flights, to private jets, yachts and villas.
As a new client, you have access to my private Virtuoso website to browse the Best of the Best hotels, resorts, cruises, experiences. This comes in handy when you just need options for a last-minute hotel or to know which cruises exist for your destination. To get started, create an account, then choose the header 'Plan a Trip', then Hotels and start searching. It's easy to select three hotel/resorts on an island (for example) to do a full comparison.

Authorizing and Fees

Once we begin planning, you’ll receive an authorization form which enables us to book your travel. Nothing is charged until you agree to move forward. The planning service fee is 5% of the total trip cost, which allows us the time to research great travel on your behalf and design itineraries you’ll love.

Saving You Money

As we all know, when we book a quick trip on the internet, the ‘advertised price’ and the travel-required charges to our cards are interestingly not the same number.
● At the time of actual booking, you will know your total trip cost and fees. ● Best available rates and promotions from the hotels, resorts and cruise lines are passed on to you. ● The travel suppliers pay our larger agency a commission, which costs you nothing. ● Easy-to-enjoy, VIP perks on the itinerary won’t post to your credit card at the time of check out. ● We can work with your earned miles and credit card points for air ticketing. If you choose to usepoints or miles, the planning fee will include 5% of retail pricing of air tickets to cover our time inaligning the flights to the transfers, inside the trip.● In the air: If you look forward to lie-flat or premium economy seats, we can often bundle these withthe land portion of the trip, creating a lower overall price. In addition, only a deposit may be requiredwith full payment prior to traveling. 
Are you thinking about where to go next? I hope this letter provides a reference to how we can elevate your trip. Shall we plan a journey to knock your socks off? 
Pam Gay
Owner/Travel Advisor - Global Destinations
Luxe Travelers International
Affiliate of Travel Experts, Inc, Virtuoso member

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